image statements

The Image Statements product merges the images stored in the Image Archive with the data provided in the statement file from your host system. During the statement creation process, each item that is referenced by the customer statement is matched up to an item in the archive. Any items that do not match can be manually resolved by the operator.

Features include:
Create Image Statement CDs that include searchable image data and PDF statement files
• Generate PDFs of statements that are archived on the server for online banking and branch lookup
• Support for a variety of OMR marks for folder/inserter machines
• Support for postal bar codes
• Control the how statements are printed with tray selection and duplex selection
• Capable of integration with 3rd party statement handling service providers
• Once a statement cycle has been generated, the resulting information is archived for research


For those customers using a third party to print and mail their statements, the Mips Statement module has options to extract, zip and send the on-us images to a third party.

The third party then creates a database of all images it receives. When it receives a statement file from the institution host system the third party merges the statement text and the appropriate images, produces statements then mails them directly to the institution customer.

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