TELLER capture

Teller Capture allows tellers to capture their transactions/items using the Mips Teller Capture Agent and a supported scanner. The system validates each item and balances the transaction before transmission to a central operations center. When a teller starts a new transaction, the system receives the branch and teller ID’s as part of the transaction.  The system saves this information with each item to allow quick transaction research by teller or branch.
Teller Capture is the our most recent product addition allowing tellers/operators to capture items and balance each transaction before it is sent to central operations for transmission to the Federal Reserve. Some of the features include:

• Automatic document feed if items are in the scanner
- Ability to delete or add additional items to a transaction.
- The system sends items through CAR/LAR and MICR verification while scanning.
- Allows for flipping or rotating items in the transaction, without re-capture.
• The system flags invalid MICR data for operator correction.
• The system flags Large Dollar items for review.
• The system performs a duplicate item check on each item with the ability to review the matching duplicates before a transaction
  can be marked as
  balanced and sent to central operations.
• The system saves the transactions until a specific time of day, and then grouped into a cut-off X-937 file.  The system allows for.    multiple cut off times
   throughout the day.
• Visual scrolling through items in the current transaction for front or back review
• Automatic totaling of amounts
• Automatic data entry of individual check amounts to the Teller System.
• The system creates virtual tickets as necessary.

In Teller Capture, all data correction is completed and balanced before it goes to central operations. This requires more effort at the branch, but makes the central operations portion a simple matter of grouping the items from all branches into a single cash letter to transmit to the Federal Reserve or other image exchange provider.

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